Saturday, June 6, 2009

the central region (for michael snow)

evan parker lawrence casserley - solar wind - touch - 1997
photography by karen mirza

michael snow - la région centrale - 1971


  1. for the moment; posting favourite discs of my 20s, all, as the french say, épuisés

  2. "Exhausted"? How is this exquisite music of the threshhold exhausted? As for Michael Snow: I finally got my mitts on a copy of LRC. Even though it is a probably-shitty TV rip, I am so glad to be able to more or less see it, finally, after hearing so much about it. I need a recommendation for sources for experimental film/video....other than Ubuweb, that is....

  3. épuisés - out-of-print....

    there are very few of these films on dvd now, though there is a new release with some of the structuralists: treasures IV: american avant garde film: 1947-1986, you have to live in nyc or be near a univesity that shows them. not easy.
    wish i was able to see them more myself, lrc on film was the best experience in a theatre i have had, nearly