Monday, November 15, 2010

the soloists represent the stones of the garden, the accompaniment the raked sand

john cage - ryoanji - hat art - 1996

composed 1983-1985

double bass - robert black
flute - eberhard blum
trombone - iven hausmann
oboe - gudrun reschke
voice - john patrick thomas
percussion - jan williams


  1. I just posted about this, amazing! könntest du mir vielleicht das per email schicken? wenn es dir nichts ausmacht.. ( herzlichst dankend, r. "After a visit to Japan with David Tudor in 1962, John Cage became fascinated by Soami's 15th century Zen dry garden at Ryoanji, in Kyoto. The emptiness of the sand, the placement of the stones, and the illusion created by the five islands of 15 stones, rising out of moss within an ocean of white sand, seemed to confirm certain of his ideas about music. In 1983 he began to produce exquisite graphic works entitled Where R = Ryoanji, using stones, pencils and the chance methods of the I Ching. At the same time, he composed pieces for a variety of solo instruments, also entitled Ryoanji."