Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pedal-points and bell-notes

marianne schroeder - lasciando, un'evocazione
produktion jecklin musikhaus - 1992
live recording july 1991

making strings vibrate and sing by stroking, plucking or beating them; tower up overtones on the basis of the fundamental tones; placing pure and tempered intervals in intermediate states; making basso continuo, sub-basses, pedal-points and bell-notes ring out; stirring and mixing basic tone colours; hammering multiple sounds into harmonies; playing the organ with a bourbon; building up notes then letting them die away.......
- jürg erni's suggestions - notes for release


  1. Sheesh... Does the wonder ever end at the Sausal Creek Hacienda and Rabbit Burrow!

  2. just saw an owl tother day and had to scoot into the warren
    nice cd isn't it?

  3. Never even heard of this, but I love her playing elsewhere....many thanks! Thrilled that you have elected to join sharityland with this new blog, cheers! Artofmem is already a wondrous gift. Keep blogging!

  4. all épuisé.
    thanks for the comments, and starting with the wergo disc, looks good. i like the cage disc with toshio hosokawa, look forward to more business